I had so many ideas for my business but couldn’t quite see the big picture. One session with Katy sorted all that out.  She helped me tweak my offers to make them simple, doable and more valuable to my clients.  I left the call clear about my priorities, with a simple action list and timetable for each.  If you’re someone with lots of ideas and find yourself going in circles, call Katy.  You’ll be pleased you did.

Vicky White
The Spacious Life

In just one phone-call session, Katy helped me on so many points, that I was processing that call for days! I contacted Katy because I had a business idea, and felt that her courses and coaching could help me move forward, but which one? We had a preliminary call to see, and that call alone got me clear on several things. Katy is insightful and a great listener. And her feedback is gold. With Katy highlighting just a few things, I was able to see where I was stuck, where more development was needed, and where I still needed to be clearer. You can be so used to thinking about your stuff that you don’t realize you’re in a sort of thought rut. Katy’s experienced ear and her ability to communicate her observations helped me immensely.

Clara Lombardi
The Very Act of Writing

I worked with Katy during a one day VIP Intensive where we worked for five full hours to refine my ideal client and create programs and packages designed around my experience and strengths as a business coach.  The time we spent to hone in on who I serve helped me clarify who I was looking to reach and to actually reach them!  Katy’s input on pricing my packages was the most critical part of our work together as this was the missing piece to my growing business puzzle.

As a teacher, Katy brings a lovely blend of being supportive and encouraging and asking the hard questions that make you think not only about the work you’re doing but about yourself.

I would encourage anyone looking to take their business to the next level of success to work with Katy.  She’s constantly expanding her own knowledge base and has a clear pulse of what’s working now.

Naja N. Hayward
Founder of Naja Tea | Chief Innovation Officer of Naja LIVE

I have a big problem in my business–I’m technically challenged and have had issues building up for months that I had no idea how to deal with.  After one session with Katy we cleared up everything that wasn’t working.  She talked me through the problems and got me to the solutions quickly and easily.  It was like having a big burst of fresh air blowing through my business. I am so glad that I found her!

Cathy Wilke
Freedom and Fulfillment

Katy Tafoya is a wonderful speaker: clearly an expert, yet approachable, engaging, and funny.  After speaking to our group about building an authentic online presence, at least four members joined Twitter before reaching the parking lot–how’s that for a call to action!

Lisa Suchesk
Director of Professional Development
NAPO-LA (National Organization of Professional Organizers – Los Angeles Chapter)

I took Katy’s Beyond Social Media Basics Class and was truly “blown away.” In the solopreneur environment everyone seems to be offering a class on something and even the savvy business owner wonders if the class they are taking is worth the time, energy and money that must be invested. If you take no other classes, I cannot recommend Katy’s enough. She knows her stuff and presents it in a totally digestible way. I have dabbled in social media, but was not getting a good return on my investment of time and energy. After the first class I realized that I needed to reconsider how I was presenting my services. After that it just got juicier. I had no idea the depth I could get out of Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media. These classes opened so many doors for me and I haven’t even begun to apply all of what I’ve learned yet! Take Katy’s classes. You will unleash potential that you didn’t even know you had in you. Handouts, email support, training videos — it’s amazing!! Thanks Katy for truly one of the most amazing and beneficial classes I’ve taken in my eleven years as a solopreneur.

Teri Johnson
Flow in Harmony | Design My Life Now

With my busy schedule and workload, I was very pleased with the pace of Beyond Social Media Basics. Katy provided all materials in advance of class sessions, allowing each participant to complete assignments according to what worked best for us. Between that, the detailed notes and the recordings, it’s very easy to go back, review and complete assignments. Another standout feature of this course, was Katy’s efforts in ensuring that the experience was customized to fit the particular needs of each of participant. For example, Katy encouraged us to ask questions related to our particular business needs, then she would produce a detailed response via audio, a screencast or written materials. Katy didn’t just stick to the script. She made herself available for additional questions. This course is a wonderful option for solopreneurs seeking to establish their online presence, but who also face demanding and fluctuating schedules.

Patrice Perkins
My Lifestyle Zen

I met with Katy and had no idea what would come of it. “I’m an expert?” I questioned. We sat down and within 45 minutes, we had multiple pages of how much I knew and how much I could teach others. By the end of the meeting, I said, “I’m an expert!” Who’d a thunk! Katy has a way of making it look so easy. There is no doubt that anyone would be able to find and claim their knowledge and expertise after working with Katy Tafoya!

Jennifer Hardaway

Katy’s no-nonsense approach to achieving success is refreshing and I always come away feeling as though I’ve had my butt lovingly kicked by a great friend with my best interests at heart! Her knowledge on social media topics and her ability to simplify web trickery into something easy & tangible is worth its weight in gold and she has this knack of verbally clearing all that fuzz out of the way so that you can actually see where you’re heading and what you need to do to get there! Thanks Katy, I look forward to working with you again!

Lisa Pocklington

We recently invited Katy to speak at an event for the Women’s Jewelry Association, Los Angeles Chapter. As co-president of the group, we are constantly trying to find new ideas to train our jewelery professionals with and Katy more than delivered! She presented a seminar on Social Media Basics and it not only kept everyone’s attention the entire time, we kept her on stage for an extra hour! Everyone learned something whether they were a beginner or a pro. Katy was entertaining and fun as a speaker but more importantly, she is an expert at social media and we all enjoyed her! Thank you again, Katy!

Becka Johnson Kibby
Women’s Jewelry Association, Los Angeles Chapter

Katy’s Success for Solopreneur Facebook presence alone has boosted my marketing prowess (and increased my online traffic). Her regular and generous tips on how to make a “go” of this thing called a home business is clearly from the heart. The advice is varied to allow for any and all interests or problems to be remedied through a timely blog post or link to another site. I highly recommend Katy’s work!

Stephanie Goddard

Katy is amazingly knowledgeable, creative, punctual, and personable. She is truly enthusiastic and invested in helping grow your business with her inexhaustible knowledge of blogging, social networking, search engine optimization, and marketing. She gives of her time and expertise above and beyond the highest expectation. I highly recommend Katy for anyone who desires superb results. Thank you, Katy!

Bettina Rogers
Bettina Knits

Katy not only knows her stuff, and is experienced in so many different aspects of online marketing, blogging, social networking, 8 million other things that I can’t think of, but I also give her an “A” for explaining it so anybody can understand it. No matter how web savvy you are or aren’t, you will learn something from this mighty source of knowledge. She’s full of great ideas too!

Jen Sincero
Write Your Damn Book

Katy is the real deal. From basic to advanced levels, she helps you understand the concepts of SEO and Blogging in a clear, straight forward, and easy to follow manner. Before working with Katy, I had no idea what SEO was or what in the world I could possibly blog about. Now I have a clear understanding of what they both mean and exactly what I need to get going. I will be calling Katy again in the future and highly recommend her for anyone interested in learning more about SEO, Blogging, or Social Networking.

Nicole Jaffee
Yellow Box Beauty

After thinking about starting a blog for months, Katy inspired me into action. I took 2 of Katy’s workshops which helped me understand the basics & much more. I’ve received business I know came from my blog and have stayed ahead of the curve as a result of having a blog….thanks to Katy breaking it down for me. Not only did Katy helped me then, she continues to come from a place of contribution, provide insight, and tips for my business. She is a great resource and a wealth of knowledge. Keep your eye on her, she’s always right on the pulse of social media, blogging, & staying relevant for business.

Kim Halverson
Kim and Kristine | Home Selling DIY

I recently found myself in a job search after 18 years as a stay-at-home mom and small business owner. The whole concept of pitching myself, instead of my business, was overwhelming and I needed help focusing my skills and resume in order to stand out in this competitive marketplace. I’ve known Katy for years through a women’s networking organization, and was aware of her skills to hone in on specifics that would help me step out of my comfort zone and help me hone in on what was important and drop the unnecessary. In one meeting with Katy, she helped coach me with my resume, and confidence to keep putting myself out there. I completely revamped my resume, lost the frivolous blather, and finally landed a new position in a creative field similar to my own. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Katy in the future, she’s a wonderful friend and great resource.

Carrie Sommers
Sommers Designs

It was such a treat to have you speak at the Walter Hoving Home, you patiently and lovingly handled each question the gals had, helping these women who are just coming out of a difficult situation trying to set their lives straight again. You were full of advice and helpful information that each participant could use. Thanks again, and I’m sure that we will have you speak again in the future.

Michele Boghossian, Advisory Board Member
Walter Hoving Home