The Short Version

Katy Tafoya is a teacher, a writer, a small business coach and strategist, and a solopreneur. She is the founder of ConstantChatter, a premier community and blogsite for women. She is a former teacher by trade (though she still teaches), and holds a Masters Degree in Counseling with an emphasis on marriage and family.

When she’s not in front of a computer, she can be found reading anything she can get her hands on, enjoying a good cup of tea or great glass of wine, networking with fabulous women or helping others create the strategies necessary to take their business to the next level.

With a passion for helping to empower women, Katy took her own experiences with the Great Online Unknown and created the Success for Soloprenuers community and blogsite. There she shares tips, tools, resources and articles with other small businesses and solopreneurs.

She has been published in Pink, Ladies Who and is a regular contributor to the Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.  She has also been in both of Dell Computers’ Trade Secrets eBook for small businesses.

Katy currently resides in sunny Los Angeles with her native-Los Angelino, music-loving, web-genius husband and their adorable, aging yet still hyper, schnocker dog, their tuxedo-clad cat and a whole lot of computer equipment.

The Slightly Longer Version

I’m often asked how I went from being a teacher to running an online women’s community and blogsite. Or more to the point…how did I become the gal to jump on the social media bandwagon and rave about SEO to anyone running a small business. But looking back, it all makes sense to me. You see, I’m a helper. Anyone way you slice it, I like to help people and in particular, I like to empower women to feel confident in whatever it is they choose to do (especially business!).

I started out as an elementary teacher back in Atlanta, but quickly found the system too daunting and the location too boring. From there I moved on to the Land of Enchantment, Albuquerque, New Mexico and worked on getting my Masters in Counseling (with a focus on marriage and family) as well as working on my coaching certification. And in true Katy form, I spent most of that time working with the developmentally disabled population.

Before I know it all my plans were shot to hell as I found myself head over heels in love and moving to Los Angeles. It was here that my ever persuasive husband introduced me to the many potentials of the internet. Next came creating the Constant Chatter community – basically, I was in the right place at the right time. Each year I’ve tried to expand the site from the community world, to the blogosphere and then onto tackling weekly giveaways. Next up…podcasts? Who knows.

While working with Constant Chatter, I started to dip my toes in this new web 2.0 world of social media and decided to move beyond just blogging. Right about the time I was ready to start coaching again, I started meeting more and more women just getting started with their businesses and basically found my niche. I pretty regularly heard things like: “I can’t have a website, it’s too expensive,” or “my web guy screwed me so I can’t afford to do anything else right now,” or the most annoying, “my web guy charges me any time I need something on the site changed.” This was when that inner-helper, teacher and empowerer kicked into overdrive and all my past lives came together as one new life.

I realized that most small businesses don’t realize how easy it is to get online and get started. Websites don’t have to be expensive. Anyone can have a website quickly and easily. Better still, anyone can (and should) update their content regularly. And I was primed and ready to teach these ladies how to do it!

I’m most known for having the patience necessary to walk people through what I know first hand can be a frustrating process. Learning something new, and often times something we don’t quite understand, can be frustrating and I know what that feels like (been there and done that). I am able to work with you and break down these foreign concepts so that even the most technologically challenged can become confident and a pro. And well, believe it or not, as technologically confident and connected as I am, I still can’t seem to figure out how to change up the ringer on my home phone…we all have our weaknesses 😉 As one client pointed out, I teach you to trust yourself and feel empowered knowing that you can do it and that you won’t break the Internet.

I’m most passionate about teaching small business owners and solopreneurs how to claim their expertise and take control of their online presence. I want you to be known as more than just the person who sells widgets, or jewelry or bakes awesome cakes or whatever. I want you to be known as the person behind your business and your brand. I want you to be able to talk with others not only about what you do, but why you do it all while letting your expertise and personality shine through.

Let’s face it, business is all about knowing, trusting and liking someone and I want you to get out there and meet your clients, your customers and your tribe head on! I love empowering small businesses to be more confident in their businesses.

When I’m not working you’ll more than likely still find me in front of a computer blogging, writing or just reading what’s going on in the world. And on more occasions that I’m willing to admit publicly, forcibly being introduced to the latest social media and website tools (thanks to my computer nerd of a husband – I say that with utmost love and respect).

I live in sunny Southern California and can often be found snuggling on the couch with my web-genius, music-loving husband, his laptop and our crazy cat and dog between us. And yes, big surprise…but we have been known to IM or email each other from across the couch. Doesn’t everyone? 😉

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