As I sit here, enjoying a hot cup of tea, my husband still sleeping in the other room, and listening our little cat’s collar jingle, I’m reminded that I have a LOT to be thankful and grateful for this Thanksgiving.

GratitudeI do my best to meditate every day, and practice mindfulness and gratitude, but that doesn’t always work out so well. But I do the best I can.

Today is one of those days where it’s almost required – by law (or so it might seem) – to tick off all your grateful for.

After the crazy year it’s been, here are some of the many, many things I’m extremely grateful for, in no particular order, of course…

  • My husband – he’s been by my side through all that we’ve been through this year and he still makes me laugh and love
  • My car – she’s getting up there in the years (she’ll be 12 in a couple weeks), and she’s starting to have issues, but she’s hanging in there and going strong.
  • Books – I spent my entire year getting lost in books and I have to say, it’s been awesome.
  • Andrew Johnson – he and his Scottish brogue have taught me to enjoy meditation. So much so, that I can even do it on my own now, without a guided recording.
  • Our fuzzy, little boys – they both passed away at the beginning of this year and it was tough…so very tough. Their loss is felt every day. But they taught us so many things – both in their lives and in their passing – that not a day goes by that we don’t talk about them fondly.
  • The loss of our fuzzy boys – we lost my dog, Griffin in January to kidney failure and then his cat-brother , Charlie, almost exactly two months later from a broken heart and cancer. Losing the first made it easier to say goodbye to the second. And losing them both made it so much easier for my husband to say goodbye to his older brother as he battled cancer and went through hospice.
  • FullSizeRenderOur new, fuzzy, little girl, Bitsy – we were finally ready to open our hearts back up to fuzzy baby and found Bitsy. She’s still quite the kitten (which means middle of the night playtime) and she’s still not 100% sure she’s ready to adopt us, but let’s face it, she’s got no choice…she’s in our hearts. Does she look like trouble, or what?
  • My job – I’ve been quite focused on manifesting the right full-time job for me. At this point, I’m not exactly sure what that job might be. But in the meantime, my teaching job has been a joy this year. And after the last couple years I’ve had, I’m thrilled to be able to say that. Every day I come home with big smiles and silly stories from working with my students. And that brings me tremendous joy.
  • My friends – with all that went down this year, it wasn’t always easy to find time to meet with or catch up with friends. But they were always there for me. I know that’s not something that everyone can say, so I definitely appreciate them – and tell them so – every chance I get.
  • You…I wasn’t always around this past year. And as we both know, I didn’t let my Success For Solopreneurs business take priority. But lucky for me, you continue to stick around and follow along. You were always on my mind, and in my heart. Thank YOU for being here. I know you have a lot of places that you could be spending your energy. Thank you.

This is by no means a complete list of all I’m thankful or grateful for, but it’s a start.

As you’re getting the turkey ready, maybe getting in the car to spend time with family, during commercials in the big game, or while you’re enjoying that great glass of wine, why not take a minute and count your blessings?

It turns out that practicing gratitude is actually good for your heart and can make you happier. What more incentive to you need?!?

I’d love to hear one or two things that you’re grateful for. If you’re so inclined, leave me a comment below.

Just imagine what we can create if we all get together and share what we’re grateful for. That would be some powerful, magical, stuff we’d be sending out into the world.

Here’s to a happy, stress-free and joy-filled holiday season.




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