More often than not, the only time we spend a focused amount of energy on goal setting is during the New Year. And even then, we’re typically quite wishy washy about those “resolutions”.

Over the past few years, while growing my business, I’ve come up with quite a few deep, thought-provoking questions where you not only focus on the year to come, but you also focus on the year that’s ending.

I’ve found that when you make time to reflect on all you’ve accomplished – your good, your bad, and your most challengingly, most ugly moments – you get much more clear on what you want to do differently. So when it’s then time to focus on what you want in your future, you have a better understanding of not just what you want, but also what you don’t want.

Armed with this knowledge, you can focus your energy where it matters. You can also get in sync with the vibrations and the energy of what you’d like to attract into your life and your business (and yes, I did indeed just go all Law of Attraction on you).

With that in mind, in my Looking Forward Looking Back workbook, I offer up over 20 questions and journal prompts that you can use to get clear and get focused with your business (and your life).

If you have any questions or concerns, or if you’d like to share your process, I’d love to hear from you (you can find me over on Facebook).

Wishing you much success for the new year!