A Work In Progress

From time to time, we can all use a little upgrade and upleveling.  And this my friends, this happens to be one of those times.

As we slowly move back into our new home and make things comfortable, things might be a bit wonky…

Statue of Liberty under construction in ParisLinks might not work.

Images might not load.

Pictures might be missing.

But rest assured, over the next week or two, things will get back to where we want them to be.

So if you’re just stopping by for the first time, feel free to poke around, but please don’t judge things too harshly.  I wanted to be up and live and make things available to those who needed it, knowing we wouldn’t be PERFECT.

And if there’s something specific you’re looking for and you can’t find it, you might want to give the search box over there on the right-hand side a whirl and see if that helps.

We’ll be back to our regularly  [not-exactly] scheduled updates shortly.

While you’re here, why not leave a comment suggesting a topic or issue that you’d be interested us writing about.

Much Success…