I’ve been considering adding a freebie to my website, but I have no idea even where to begin?  Help, please!

Well Ash, it’s actually much easier than you might realize. I think what makes it sound so complicated and confusing is that it encompasses a few different tools and skills. And then a few more still under each of those.

Here’s the short version…

How Do I Get A Freebie Up On My Site? (part I)1) Create the giveaway.
2) Convert the book to the format you want.
3) Upload it to your website and get the URL.
4) Create/edit the list auto-responders.
5) Put your newsletter’s opt-in box on your site.
6) Test it.

Et voilà!

Now, for the more detailed version, I’m going to break things down into two separate parts…the freebie and the opt-in.

Starting with the freebie…

Write it. You’ll need to sit down and create what you want to give away. I’m going to assume it’s a mini-ebook, here for sake of ease. Open up your Word or your Google doc and write, write and write some more. When you’re done and it looks the way you it it to look (cover page, legalese, formatting, bio page, hyperlinks, images, etc.) save it as a basic doc.

Convert it. Once you’ve saved it as a basic word file, you’ll need to convert it to a PDF. This will do a couple things: 1) it will lock it so that folks can edit it as a document, and 2) it will lock the formatting so it will print up the way you want it to look. Then, you’ll probably want to get an ebook cover image created (unless you already created a cover on your own – I’m not quite that talented). You can go to Fiverr.com and get one created in less than 5 days for yes, $5.

Upload it. Using your FTP, you’ll want to upload both the book and the cover image to your website. You can put it anywhere really (downloads, uploads, programs, etc.), since you – or your webgal – will be naming it. Speaking of naming it, make sure it’s all one word as in “this_is_my_free_ebook.pdf” and not “this is my free ebook.pdf” when you name it (or you’ll get a broken link – and you don’t want that).

Get the URL. The URL of the book depends on where you put it. If you put it in the root of your site it might be at www.myfabwebsite.com/this_is_my_free_ebook.pdf OR if you put it in a downloads file it might be www.myfabwebsite.com/wp-content/downloads/this_is_my_free_ebook.pdf

It really doesn’t matter all too much where you put it, but I tend to keep smaller things in different folders such as “images,” “uploads,” “music,” and “video.” I keep my larger programs in the root (www.myfabwebsite.com/this_is_my_free_ebook.pdf).  But really, you can put it anywhere on your website, just know that where you put it creates your URL.

Now your ebook is on your website and ready to be given away!

Stay tuned as I’ll also be sharing how to create the newsletter opt-in and getting that opt-in on your website.