How many times do you sit down to make out some goals for yourself and you go a little crazy?  I mean, you give yourself a list of 50 different things you’d like to accomplish this year.

Before you can even consider getting starting setting up some goals, you have to have an idea of what you want to accomplish.

Setting goals is different than setting up a To Do list.  You’re not just creating a massive list of things you want to accomplish and then crossing them off as you go.

Don’t get me wrong, you can still get quite a bit accomplished that way.  But it’s not going to be the BIG things…the actual GOALS for what you want in your life or your business.

It’s probably going to be a list of tasks.  Or it’s going to resemble a weird combination of big goals (with no actionable steps or specific outcomes – more on that later) and a large list of tasks that you want to get done.

Using the worksheets that follow, I’d suggest creating your list of goals with no more than 10 in mind.  And then, as we dig deeper through this process, you might discover that you’d rather thin out the list and only focus on 2 or 3 things for this year.

Focus on one big business goal per quarter (that will give you three weeks for some seriously focused action).  And then maybe add in another goal or two that addresses your health, your relationship or some other personal goal of some sort.

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