Not all that long ago, I mentioned that if your website hasn’t yet been hacked, it’s really just a matter of time.  And lucky for you, I outlined some super simple and crazy useful ways to make your website – and consequently, your passwords – more secure from hackers.

adobeWhich brings us to the latest Big Guy Website to get hacked – and yes, your password – compromised.  Drumroll please…..Adobe.

If you’ve ever logged in to create an account for the Adobe PDF Reader, or if you’ve purchased Photoshop, or if you’ve ever used Acrobat, then your account might have been compromised.

Luckily, Lastpass (oh, I how I ❤ Lastpass!) has a quick and easy way to check to see if your email has been comprised.

Click this link and put in your email address and see what happens (repeat for any email address you might have used).

And while you’re at it, double check to see if your LinkedIn, eHarmony, or account has also been hacked (links the email checkers at the bottom of that LastPass page).