I’m sure by now you’ve noticed that Gmail has made some changes in their interface (both online and with their iPhone app).  And I’m sure by now you’ve also seen all the scary posts and emails about how “horrible” and “ruinous” this is for email marketers…you know, people like you and me that send out newsletters.

Lucky for us, I guess it’s a good thing that I shared that video with tips for adapting to change last week.

Of course, this all broke right before I headed out for vacation, so I put off setting up my own tutorial or screencast for you.*  Then I realized that there are some great tutorials already out there.  No sense in recreating the wheel, right?

Let this infographic from Rob Schultz over at Blockbuster Mulitmedia.  In fact, it’s so good (and he knows it), he encouraged folks to “steal” the image and spread the word.

So here we go…I hope it helps you to take back the control of your Gmail…


* For what it’s worth, I use multiple email addresses, filters and rules to control my inbox, so this change barely has any effect on my incoming mail. If you’re interested in creating systems for your business (such as setting up tools to help control your email overwhelm), feel free to drop me a note.