You Are NOT On Sale

I first wrote about not being on sale back in September 2009.  It’s a topic though that has been coming up for me (and for my clients) quite a bit these past couple years.

During these times of seeming recession, it’s easy to think that the reason you can’t get more clients or sell more of your products or services is because no one can afford it.  The next natural step is to consider dropping your prices.  It’s important that you don’t go against your beliefs and what you know you’re worth.

In particular, it’s important to remember that You are NOT on sale!!

I stumbled on this back in 2009 when reading something that Mikelann Valterra wrote at the former Women Earning blog.  They (now she) in turn, accredited it to Cristina Adams, editor at the Daily Worth blog.

Either way, it’s some good stuff and I agree that you should write this on a 3×5 card and post it to your mirror all over the house and your car!

You’re Not on Sale
You are not Filene’s Basement.
Nor are you a 60% off end-of-season sale.
So don’t offer your skills and services at bargain-basement prices.
Do the research and find out what you’re really worth.
Then ask …

Take Action: When was the last time you raised your rates?  I challenge you to raise your rates at least 10% this month.  If it’s too uncomfortable for you to do right now (ask yourself why), then maybe just raise the rates for new clients.