Did you know that when you post something on Facebook that it doesn’t show up for everyone?  Regardless of whether you’re posting from your personal profile or your business page.

You see, like most search engines, Facebook ranks each individual post (photos, videos, links and updates) based on their own, secret algorithms.  And again, like the search engines, this algorithm is a well guarded secret.

This algorithm is referred to as your Facebook Edgerank score.  And basically, the lower your Edgerank score, the less likely that you’re actually ending up in anyone’s Facebook newsfeed getting read.

According to a recent post over at All Facebook, a mere 3% To 7.5% of your fans are even seeing your page’s posts.  And that’s not good.

What you need to know about what goes into your Edgerank score:

  • The more engagement you have with your fans – liking their comments, having a conversation with them, checking out their profiles, etc. – the higher the ranking of the item you posted.
  • It’s suggested (again, keep in mind that these algorithms are confidential and not public knowledge) that comments are worth more than likes.  So again, get your community talking. And remember to answer and reply (and like) them back when they do leave comments.
  • The older the post, the less important it becomes.  So be consistent.  Having a great Monday isn’t going to make up for a non-existent or slow Tuesday – Friday.
  • The more you depend on automation tools, the lower your ranking will be.

What can you do to improve your Edgerank Score:

  • Ask questions and engage with your community. It’s not just about how many fans (likers) you have…it’s about how involved and engaged those fans are.  Get your community talking.  Ask questions and ask them often.  Encourage feedback and comments.  Don’t be afraid to get personal.  Remember, people do business with those they know, like and trust.
  • Take action on any and all comments or activity that takes plan on your page.  If someone leaves a comment, like that comment and reply back.  If someone leaves a post on your wall, like it and start a conversation with them.
  • Be consistent and have a plan.  Create a posting schedule.  This will not only make your work easier, but it will also train your community to expect regular activity from you. You should be posting more than 1-2 times a day.  And definitely more than 2-3 times a week!
  • It’s more than just a numbers game.  You’re not here to just collect fans, you’re doing this (or at least you should be anyway), to build a community.  It’s called SOCIAL networking for a reason.
  • Don’t rely on automation.  Sure, it can help you out in a pinch, but don’t let a tool like Hootsuite post all of your updates.  If you do, you’ll never end up in anyone’s newsfeed.  Use automation as one of the many tools in your success toolbox, but not the one and only.  Switch it up.

And if you’re curious about what your Edgerank is, check out your score over at EdgeRankChecker (it’s a free tool and gives you tons of good information).

Have you noticed your page views and engagement dropping or rising lately?  What other tips and suggestions do you have?