Have you ever caught yourself telling the same sad, traumatic or dramatic story over and over to anyone that will listen?

For many, that story could be how they always get sick (told that one far too many times myself) or how they never have any money.  Or maybe how they always date the wrong guys.

Then there are the stories we tell about our jobs or business.  Like how life has really gotten difficult since they got laid off back in April…no one anywhere is hiring.  Or how no one has any money to pay for services or coaching or whatever it is that you do.

You see, our stories define us.

They tell the story of how we came to be the person we currently are.  The define how we view, perceive and react to what we experience in our day to day lives.

This week I was on a call with a potential client.  She’s an artist that over her 30+ career has had some amazing successes.  More recently, she’s found that the business is changing (much like the music, television/movies and publishing industries).

The good news…she is FULL of ideas.  Tons of ideas on what she can do to bring in money and reach new clients.  The not-so-good news…she’s caught up in the Big Story of the starving artist.  Throughout our conversation I had to interrupt her to remind her that she was just telling another story.

Now granted, this was a particular situation – she was on a call asking for help – so of course she was going to go there.  And there’s nothing wrong with going there from time to time.

It becomes a problem or a block, when it’s the only story you tell or when it becomes a crutch.  When you stop dreaming the dreams and living your life because of the story of your past failures…that’s when there’s a problem.

The thing is, our stories don’t have to be focused on the negative.

We can quite literally, sit down and write a new story. We can rewrite our past.  We can rewrite our pains, our losses, our relationships and our childhoods. Imagine that…writing your childhood pains or your family drama.

We can also design and write our futures and create the life we’ve always wanted…the one we were too afraid to let ourselves believe could happen for someone like us. And believe it or not, it’s much simpler and easier to do than you might have imagined.

Write it out – Get comfortable, use the computer, go old school with a pen and paper or write a pretend email to a friend.  Use whatever makes you comfortable to share – in words – what you’re new story looks like.  Great creative.  Keep it simple.  It’s all up to you.

Practice visioning or daydreaming – Now play with the story a little and create a vision of what it is.  Reread it to yourself throughout the day or week.  Practice living the new story out behind your closed eyes.  Daydream about all you’re able to do, to be, to accomplish thanks to this great new story.

Set your intention – Decide here and now that you will live this new story.  When you find yourself slipping back into your old story, you won’t beat yourself up. You’ll just remember the intention you set to LIVE THIS NEW STORY and start living it.

I challenge you to either rewrite a story from your past or to create a new, BOLD story for your future.