Have you shied away from getting a coach because you never knew what the experience was like?  Or thought that maybe coaching was much like therapy.  Well rest assured, it’s not like therapy at all…though I won’t lie, there can be tears with breakthroughs.

To help you better understand the coaching process (especially as it pertains to solopreneurs), I’ve recorded some sample calls with five different clients.  These mini or speed coaching sessions range from 15 minutes to about 30 minutes in length and have a focus on one particular challenge.

As of the time of this original posting, the calls below are completely unedited.  I ran out of time to edit and really wanted them to be up instead of waiting on me to find the time to make them “perfect”…imperfect action beats out perfect inaction any time!

I’ve always found that even when listening to someone get coached on their particular business challenge, that I learn useful tips and tools that can be altered or adapted to meet my own particular needs.

As you listen to the calls, I want you to imagine if you were having your own, one-on-one, 60-minute, laser-focused session at my upcoming (4/17) “5 Simple, No-Cost Ways to Increase Your Income Through a Strong Online Presence” training intensive  (this event is over, but you can see check out what it was all about here).  Or imagine how much we could accomplish in an 5 hour VIP session (either virtual or in person).

Coaching is a very powerful process.  I hope you enjoy listening to the calls – may the answer you seek be found.

Lisa: Finding Focus & Accountability


Heather: Playing Bigger


Melissa: Breaking Down the Signature System


Heather: Transitioning to a New Business


Laura: Refining Her Niche