I’ve recently started working on a new batch of projects (yes, seems I can’t just launch one thing and then another…I like to go bigger than that).  And like with any of my previous projects (business or personal), I tend to take on something that I’ve never done before.

This time around, it was creating an opt-in page for my upcoming Beyond Social Media Basics preview call on the 30th.  I’d been working on this  project since late January, so it’s been a long time coming.

Thing is, when you do something like this – create a signature product – it’s not just one little thing.  It’s a whole bunch of little things: newsletter announcements, articles, blog posts and tweets, client calls, copywriting, web-design, SEO, graphic arts, as well as the mental work involved in the creation itself.

There’s a lot of work involved. So much so, that you can sometimes give in to the fears and little nagging voices and hold yourself back.

This time though, I gave myself a deadline and I went for it!  And I did my best to ignore those nagging voices, following the advice of so many…fear is just your way of letting yourself know you’re ready!

About this time is when I realized that I was doing most of this work myself.  And yes, I was learning as I was going.  Lucky for me, I’d spent some time working with a great coach, Carey Peters from CoachToolsToGo (FB page) and she was able to help me map it all out and provided templates and scripts (note to everyone: you do NOT have to create it all from scratch…it’s been done before!!)

As I’m sure you can only imagine, doing it ALL is some crazy, stressful shit. And personally, I seem to have a tendency to get so confused want it to be do so right, that I just spin around in circles never able to focus on one thing.

Well, all that behind me and proud to say I DID IT!

And I’m even more proud to say that I’m proud of ME for actually having done it!

Through this process, I learned that sometimes, you have to take a moment and congratulate yourself for a job well done. The only way to move on to the next thing is to experience the success of the thing before it.

Sometimes your things are physical like learning to drive, passing your driving exam, and getting your license.  In many ways, that whole process is something that we take for granted.  But without it, we wouldn’t be able to learn to drive a 5-speed (oh how I miss my 5-speed).  Or you wouldn’t be able to drive on the opposite side of the street when you’re in the UK.  Silly examples, but still true.

Sometimes your things are emotional like trusting in yourself to leave a bad (or a not-so-great) relationship. Or knowing when and how to let an old hurt go in a way that feels right for you.

Sometimes your things are educational like graduating from high school or getting accepted and going to the college of your choice. Or maybe

And sometimes your things are silly like learning to blow a bubble for the first time.  Or learning how to make the best red velvet cupcakes with a killer cream cheese frosting. Or finding the restaurant with the most amazing margaritas. Or figuring out how the street magician did that magic trick.

It doesn’t matter.  Whatever your thing is…toot your own horn!  Tell yourself that you did a great job.  Tell yourself that you’re proud of YOU.

And on those days when those fears and nagging voices come out…tell them to piss off because you know you can do anything and that you’re great at what you do.

I give you permission to TOOT YOUR OWN HORN!

Action Step: Sit down, set a timer for 20 minutes and create a list of at least 25 things that you’re proud of yourself for accomplishing. It can be as big or as small, as physical or emotional or even as silly as you wish.  Just tell yourself that you did a great job!  Now look back to that list whenever you need a boost – emotional or physical.