full disclosureThe FCC has been working on enacting a new policy forcing bloggers to disclose when they’re getting paid to post or when they’re posting about something for free.  This has been in talks for a couple months now and I’ve been following it pretty closely since I pretty regularly conduct giveaways and product reviews on my other blogs.

According to the Wall Street Journal, “New guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission say bloggers must disclose any money or freebies they receive in exchange for writing product reviews, a fast-growing and loosely regulated way for companies to market everything from diapers to movies. The move is an effort to apply the same rules that already cover broadcast stations, newspapers and magazines to the Wild West marketplace of the World Wide Web.”

I haven’t yet had the need to have a disclosure policy (as I don’t receive payment, products or any similar perks) on this blog, but I have one in place just to be prepared should the opportunity arise.  On my two other blogs where I run giveaways and occasionally review products I have policies in place and will link to the disclosure statement in a footnote on the post itself when necessary. Here is a sample of the disclosure policy we have on ConstantChatter.com where we have regular giveaways and product reviews.  I basically just took the policy that I created using disclosurepolicy.org and tweaked it a bit to suit the specific needs of my blog.

Have you created your policy yet?

My suggestion: even if you don’t yet feel the need to have a disclosure policy in place, create a page and set one up anyway.