The Val Gal Networking Dinners are BACK!

The Basics

The What: Casual, laid back dinner amongst a great group of women (most, but not all, are entrepreneurs).  We don’t have speakers.  We don’t have dues.  We just do what women do best…talk about anything and everything as it comes up and in the process make connections and network.

The Who: The dinners are open to anyone (as long as you’re female).  You don’t have to live in the Valley to join us.  Feel free to spread the word and invite your friends.

The Where: At this point, we’ve decided on three parts of the Valley – Woodland Hills, Studio City and Glendale/Pasadena.

The When: The goal is to eventually host these dinners monthly.  Currently, we average about 6 weeks between each dinner.  We don’t have a designated day of the week as we’re hoping to reach as many people as possible by switch up the locations and the days of the week.

The Why: Because almost nothing compares to the experience of chatting with a fabulous group of smart and witty women.  I’m always amazed at the brainstorming that goes on in our groups.


Sometimes, when you live on the other side of the Hollywood Hills it just feels like there’s nothing good to do.  It seems that all the cool events are either in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or well, just anywhere other than here.

About two years ago, I tired of having to always drive into (in my case) Santa Monica just to network with other like-minded, entrepreneurial ladies.  I knew there were others like me on this side of  town, so I set up creating our Val Gal Networking Dinners.  It fizzled out after a couple meetings because I was allowing anyone to plan the dinners – and well, to be honest, not that many people felt like being the coordinator and hostess.

Then I realized that I missed the dinners.  So I reached out to my list to see if anyone else was up for starting them up again.  Luckily, many people were excited about it.

This time, instead of waiting for others to coordinate, I figured I’d take the lead and run with it.  I’d like to personally invite you to join us for our next event (the next event is linked below in the Anyvite box – just add yourself to the list and I’ll forward along the details once they’re finalized.

Please Join Us For Our Next Dinner