We’re often prompted to think about our WHY.

Heck, I often prompt my clients to think about their WHY. But this time, I don’t want you think about why you do what you do…you know the gifts you share, the messages you spread.

Instead, I want you to think about why you’re in business.  Why did you decide to go out and do it on your own?

Let’s face it, you could still be working for someone else.  Or you could be doing something completely different.  No one said you had to go out there and start your own business.

What was that for you?

I ask this of my clients fairly regularly.  I think it makes a difference.

For many, the answer I get most is freedom.  They started their own business because that had a gift – a skill, a talent, a product, a service, etc. – and wanted to work the kind of job that gave them the freedom they never experienced when working for others.

With this freedom, comes control. You’re the one in charge.  

You can schedule your own hours.

You can decide to take a day off in the middle of the week to spend it with your children.

You can decide that a person isn’t your Ideal Client and pass on working together.

You can raise or lower your rates when and where you want.

You can work in you yoga pants or yes, even your pajamas, or you can choose to go without makeup.

When you work for yourself, every decision is yours and yours alone. You define what makes your business a success. [click here to tweet]

Knowing why you started your business helps you to be in control of your business.  When you’re in the driver’s seat and choosing which way and how you want your business to grow – or where you want your business to remain.

So my coaches challenge for you is to set aside a few minutes and figure out why you started your business.  Then, when your clear about what matters to you, figure out how you can make (or remake)  your business live up to that vision.