How often do you stop and focus on what’s going on before you make a decision?  

I mean right here.  Right now.  This moment.How to Make a Decision When You Can’t Seem to Focus | Success for Solopreneurs

How do your fingers feel when they touch the keys on your keyboard?

How does you skin feel as it sits in your chair?

How do you feel sitting with your back resting against the tree?

When you walk through the fresh cut grass barefoot, how does that feel?

What happens to your body when you first jump into that cold water?  What are you feeling?

I’ve noticed that while we often think about where we want to be – and in some cases, where we’d rather be – we don’t often think about where we are.

When we run a business, there are so many things we need to think about: why we do what we do, who we serve, what we do to help them, what problems we solve, what kind of results or solutions we’re looking for.

But I ask you, what would happen if we stopped for a moment and thought about where we actually are, right at this minute, and how we feel?

Though Any therapist worth their salt will want you to consider how you feel when you do things – in the positive or the negative – depending on what you’re doing.  But I’m talking about more than just how we feel emotionally.

I’m talking about how you FEEL physically….

Is your skin tingling? Do you have goosebumps?  Are you dripping in sweat?  Is your heart beating a mile a minute? Are you fists clenched.  Are you bouncing around?

How you physically feel tells a different story.  It’s more than just words.  It’s more palpable than emotions.  Often, you can’t hide it.

So I’m suggesting that the next time you feel out of sorts, or super excited, or even fearful or nervous,  I want you to take a deep breath and scan your body from your tips to your toes.  Figure out how you feel in that moment.

Then make the decision to figure out what comes next.

As we all know, we don’t make good decisions when we’re experiencing fear or nervousness. And quite the contrary, when we’re feeling manic of over-excited, we rarely make good decisions then.

So again, take that deep breath.  Figure out how you’re physically feeling.  Check in to what you’re emotionally feeling. Then make your decision.

This checking in trick also comes in  handy if you can’t fall asleep at night…My little twist on this is to lie down and become aware of each tiny piece and part of your body and then slowly, in your mind, tell it to go to sleep.  I find that by the time I get up to my heart, I’m usually sound asleep.