I don’t use Instagram for my business – heck, I rarely use it at all even though I’m always taking pictures.  But when you think about it, Instagram is really just another way of blogging or socially sharing your content. 

So if you’ve been considering using Instagram for your business, but weren’t really sure where to start, or what to post, keep these ideas in mind.  And if like me, you don’t really feel drawn to posting images (or you’re just not that handy with the camera or graphics-creative), then get this out in another way….blog it, make a video, make an audio clip, create a checklist, create an ebook, design a class.

The possibilities are endless once you start thinking outside the box. Here are 8 suggestions from The Social Tree to get you started…

1. Show your products
2. Show how it’s made
3. Go behind the scenes
4. Show what your products can do
5. Show off the office and employees (and happy customers)
6. Take your customers with you
7. Share quotes and inspiration
8. Share contests and ReGram ideas

Overall, learn what your fans like and what they respond to and then share more of that kind of content. This plan works across all your social networks, not just Instagram.