Well, I could whine and harp about how I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to blog in ages. But really, what would that accomplish?

Absolutely nothing.

Instead I figure it’s best to acknowledge that I’m by no means perfect (who is?) and just jump right back in and start blogging again (both personally and professionally – okay, maybe professionally more than personally).

Are You Always Striving for Perfection?And of course, now that I say I’m going to do that, I can’t exactly think of something pithy or witty to say.

Go figure.

I have realized though that often times, we hold ourselves up to some lofty and crazy expectations and that holds us back. Yet at the same time, while our schedules change at the drop of a hat, we still expect everything to be business as usual.

In my case, my teaching schedule goes from 15 or so hours a week up to 40 hours or more hours a week for my final month of school.  And I recently signed up for a 3-day intensive writing retreat…that I’m really quite nervous about.

Mind you, I haven’t written anything in quite some time now. I’m already way behind in blogging (both personally and professionally) and I haven’t touched my newsletter in weeks (which as you and I know, really amounts to months, when you do the math).

And on top of all this, I have our 10th anniversary trip (can’t wait!) and I’ve vowed that I’d spend time getting that darn podcast up and our there already.

But here’s the thing…life is always happening.

Something unexpected will always come up.  Our paths from here to there aren’t straight roads.  Nope, they twist and turn, rise and fall.  And as they tell us, it’s all a part of the journey.

So instead of stressing over the small (or even the big) stuff, why not give yourself a break.

You are in charge of you.

You are in charge of how you respond to the changes in your plans.  At any time, you can decide not to do something, or to stress out because plans change, or you can gowth the flow.

And as I’m sure you’d admit to (or maybe not publicly) there’s always something else that you could be doing instead of what you might want to be doing.  Hello, I must’ve done 10 completely unrelated things instead of writing this article…mid-article!

Why not make a decision to move at your own pace?  Invite your inner-imperfectionista to step up. And instead of freaking about all the distractions, take a moment to be grateful for having the choice to go with it, fight it every step of the way, or bitch about it.

I have to say, once I decided to allow for imperfection (and chose to not beat myself up about every little distraction), it felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I’m no longer clenching my teeth. I feel more relaxed.

Which of course makes me wonder…why do we often hold ourselves up to such high and often stress-inducing expectations? Why can’t we just go with the flow and allow stuff…life…to just happen?

As Ieyasu Tokugawa reminds us, “Persuade thyself that imperfection and inconvenience are the natural lot of mortals, and there will be no room for discontent, neither for despair.

That works for me.