“My imperfections and failures are as much a blessing from God as my successes and my talents and I lay them both at his feet.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

I’m sure you’ve had one of those days.  Your plan was to call back that client, but then the crap hit the fan (literally!)

You went to let the dog out only to realize that they’d just fertilized the yard (yep, you guessed it, with pure, unadulterated, cow manure!).  You needed to run to the bank before they closed, but you couldn’t find your keys.  You never got around to picking up some fresh groceries, so you figured you’d have a run at breakfast for dinner…only you realized too late that you were out of eggs and butter.  You head out to Kohl’s to cash in your Kohl’s Cash, only to realize, at the time of checkout, that they expired yesterday.

imperfectionforblogThose kinds of days can really throw us off.  And they can really annoy, if not incite, our inner Perfectionista.

You remember her…she’s that nagging, sometimes bitchy voice that holds you back from doing much of anything.  She would rather you do nothing, than do something.  She tells you it’s so you don’t look stupid, or make a silly mistake.  She whispers in your ear repeatedly, “but what would people think if it’s not perfect?”

It’s time you kick that Perfectionista to the curb and allow your Imperfectionista to play for a bit!

Do Something! When we sit back and tell ourselves that we can’t launch until it’s perfect, or we can’t start that book because the time isn’t right, or you can’t be in business until you quit your full time job and no one in the right mind would quit their job now…you’re just holding yourself back. Nothing is ever perfect.  There’s a reason things launch privately or in beta before live to the public.  And even then, there’s always an upgrade right around the corner.  Nothing is ever perfect just the way it is, there’s always room for improvement, adaptation and change.

Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself.  I once heard Michael Gerber (of E-Myth fame) say that at this point, nothing ever created (or written) is new.  Everything is merely an improvement or a rewrite of something that’s already been done.  Computers…an improvement on the typewriter, which was an improvement on writing (and computing) by hand.  Social networking…a new way to network, socialize and share ideas with like minded people.  The microwave…an improvement on the stove and oven, which was an improvement on cooking with fire, which was an improvement on eating everything raw.  So don’t be so hard on yourself to come up with the perfect idea, product, story, program, etc.

Take Baby Steps. I’ve found that the best way to silence that little Perfectionista is to just take it slow.  Take baby steps.  Are you holding off on getting clients until you get a website up?  You know, you don’t HAVE to have a website to get clients…just email them and strike up a conversation.  Or get out there and start networking.  Just start talking about what it is you do.  Don’t have a website up yet? You can always start with a blogsite and later move to a more (or better) designed when have more of an idea of what you want and need (and when you have a little more money).  Feel like you can’t even call yourself a business until you get a logo?  Check out Fiverr.com and spend a mere $5 for a temporary logo.  Map out the steps you might need to take to get you to your goal or outcome and each week work on one of those tasks.  And know that it won’t be perfect, but it will get done!

Allow A Little Imperfection.  Last I noticed, we’re all just human.  And we all learn from the mistakes we make.  So why not just sit back and allow for a little imperfection?  Heck, I’ve gotten to the point that I welcome it.  I’ve found that it’s much less stressful to just get something out there (warts, mistakes and all), than to do nothing. Doing nothing leaves me feeling exhausted, like I’ve done nothing more but spin around in circles. You know what, your clients will appreciate that you make mistakes – or as my coach likes to say, when you “model imperfection.”  You’re a lot more approachable and get this…likable…when you allow your imperfections to go public.  Mistakes happen.  No biggie.

And if you need some help getting started…don’t be afraid to ask for help.  In fact, why not drop me a note and ask about booking a Business Breakthrough Strategy Session. You’ll be amazed at just how wasy it can be to kick that Perfectionista to the curb and invite your Imperfectionista over to play when you have someone in your corner cheering you on.