If you run a business – and I don’t care about what kind of business – you need to be out there creating content.  But believe it or not, your work doesn’t end there.

Many of us have no problem writing the article or creating the video (outside of making the time in our schedules). But what we don’t realize is that there’s still more to do.

And those that are aware that they should be doing something more, well, they’re not sure what exactly that more might be. Or where to even begin.

Before we can even get to work on the marketing and promoting (much of this can be automated – I share these specifics with my clients), we need to essentially bulk up our articles for the search engines.

I recently found this great infographic checklist from DivvyHQ.com about what to do after you’ve written your blog post.  I will admit that I don’t do all of these things.  And I don’t always do the same things each time.  But this is definitely a great place to get started.

Tackle 3-4 of these steps with each article, each time you publish (feel free to mix things up each time – and automate what you can) and you’re sure to see a better return on your hard work.  Or more to the point, better traffic and social engagement to your site.

And of course, don’t forget to followup with your readers and commenters!


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