There are roughly 12 days left until the “holiday season” officially begins.  Though, if you left that up to our stores and the media, you’d think the holiday season started back in mid-October.  But I digress.

3124277214_5e8a74228b_mI bet there’s a few things on your list that hoped to accomplish long before the holidays were even a glimmer in your credit card statement.  And I have a feeling, you’re thinking that it’s too late, the year is basically over.

But fret not, fellow solopreneur!

I’m here with 10 things you can between now and then (whenever then might be for you) to get your business stronger and get more eyes on you – and if you stay focused –  more money in your pocket.

Here you go, in no particular order…

  • Play around with your About Me page.  Add some recent photos – not just of you, but of your family, your hobbies, things that make you happy.  Feel free to include the non-professionally shot photos. Share five little known things that make you unique and interesting.  Include places you’ve been published or places you’ve spoken. Heck, include a list of places you’d like to be published or speaking.  Have a little fun here and let your personality shine.
  • Speaking of photos…get some new ones.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  Get together with a friend – someone that makes you laugh – and get silly. You don’t have to use them in your newsletter or on your banner.  You can include them in your articles and posts. The goal is to have fun and let people get to know the real you…with a real smile.  Make lurrve to that camera. And don’t forget to return the favor and play photographer for your friend.
  • Make a list.  And check it twice.  Kidding.  But really, look over your Google Analytics and look at your most popular posts (if you don’t have GA, then install it – you can even use a plugin to do it for you if you don’t know how).  Looking over what you’ve written and pick your 5 or 10 favorite posts.  Share them.  I have mine over on my New Here page.  It gives people a place to start when they first visit your website and want to get to know you and what you do.
  • Buy a calendar for the new year. Heck, print out a calendar for the new year.  I don’t care how you do it, just get that blank calendar.  Then get busy adding in those important dates – birthdays, anniversaries, holidays.  Then move on to crossing off the days you’ll be taking off (even if you don’t yet have plans).  Then leave it alone for a bit.  Let it be.  Let it breathe.  We’ll come back to filling it in with our goals and projects for the new year later (see #10).
  • Brainstorm content.  Take yourself out for coffee with a pen and a paper and get busy.  Think about all the questions people ask you.  Think about everything you wish your clients knew before, during and after working with you.  Think about what you wish you knew before you started your business and the questions you had.  Keep going for 30-45 minutes and you’ll have yourself an AMAZING list of things you can create…write articles, shoot videos, create freebies, handouts and worksheets, create a topic to speak about, etc.  The possibilities are endless.  And once you have that list, you’ll never be stuck in that “I have nothing to write about” space again.
  • Shoot a video. It can be a silly video. It can be a training video.  It can be a “welcome to my website” video.  It can be a “thanks for stopping by, let’s chat” video.  Who cares.  The point is, get something out there.  It doesn’t need to be perfect.  It’s an opportunity to get outside your comfort zone AND give your clients a chance to get to know, love and trust you.
  • Reach out to someone you admire.  Drop them a note.  Thank them for doing what they do.  Ask them how you can help them.  Invite them to connect with you.  Start the conversation.  Don’t worry if they say no or they ignore your note or your email.  Do this to a couple people and who knows, you might meet your new best friend.
  • Find some accountability.  Get a coach. Ask someone to be your accountability partner.  Ask a few friends if they’d like to create a Mastermind Group.  Do whatever it takes to set yourself up for success for the new year.  Have the conversation now and you’ll be full speed ahead come January 1st.  Over on the Success for Solopreneurs homepage you can pick up Daily Accountability tracker that you can start using today.
  • Register for my mid-December Goal Setting For Success class.  It’s completely free and will be scheduled mid-December and I’ll have all the details worked out over the next few days.  Sign up and you’ll be notified…no details will be spared.  And it will be just in time to get some clarity and mojo heading into 2014.  Remember, none of this needs to be done perfectly.  For now, it just needs to be done.