Do You Have Few Moments to Spare? Then Let’s Get Busy!

How many times during your day do you find yourself with 10 minute or so block of time to do something, anything or nothing?  I find that this happens more often than you might first think. Time On My Hands

In fact, just the other day, I had a client that at the very last minute needed to reschedule their appointment (not something I typically do).  Which left with me with an hour, in my car (it was between my teaching day) with nothing to do.

I gave it some thought and realized that while I might not be able to start on some big project, there’s still quite a LOT I can do with a spare couple of minutes.  And even more with a spare hour.

25 Things You Can Do With a Spare 10 Minutes

  • Take a quick pass through Facebook – like, comment and share (this also helps to keep those pages & people that you want to hear from in your feed)
  • Peruse an online magazine, blog or website that you like and share an article or resource on your social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • Return a couple emails you’ve been putting off
  • Brainstorm – for newsletter or blog article topic, for video content, for product creation, etc.
  • Take a peek at your marketing calendar and make any adjustments – change something, scheduling something new, schedule your days off, etc.
  • Reach out to someone you admire or would LOVE to work with and send them an email telling them just that and/or a networking connection request
  • Have your various social networks scan your address book for people to connect with
  • Join & participate in some of the groups on LinkedIn
  • Create a list of everyone in your field that you admire, respect or would love to work with (this can later be turned into an article)
  • Spend some time on Twitter and retweet (RT) or reply to something you read (it doesn’t matter if you know that person or not)
  •  Ask a question on any of your social networks (including your blog) – be sure to share your thoughts as well
  • Brainstorm and/or prioritize your Master To Do list
  • Straighten up your desk or work area
  • Clean up or organize your computer desktop or files (I do this regularly)
  • Schedule a backup for your computer (we use Mozy in our house)
  • Clean up your email – create filters and folders, delete or archive old email, organize your contacts
  •  Automate your social media if you haven’t done so already
  •  Write a testimonial for a client or a coach, or a product or service you’ve worked with
  • Leave a review of a book you read on Amazon (this is a great way to help establish your expertise)
  •  Share a motivational thought, quote or image on your social networks
  •  Share your thoughts (pro or con) in response to something someone else has written or shared – less time than writing an entire article, but just as relevant and useful
  •  Make a video – you can use a screencasting program, your computer’s camera or even the camera on your phone
  •  Share a review of a book you recently read or your favorite book on subject xyz (written, video or audio – all will work)
  •  Create a top 5 or top 10 list of something…anything that your people will appreciate (again, this words across the board: written, video or audio)
  •  Share a quick tip with your people – could be a blog post, a video, a social media update, an audio snippet, you name it

While I admit that I don’t always do something during my 10-minute pockets of time, it’s nice to know that there’s plenty to do.  And many (if not all) of the things I provided help your business in one way or another. And I speak from personal experience here…many of these can even be done when you’re stuck sitting in your car waiting around.  They can also be done while you’re waiting at the doctor’s office. The best part…all you really need is a phone (smart or not – you can always leave voicemail or text messages to yourself), paper and something to write with and you’re covered…no excuses. And just imagine…if you can do this much in 10 minutes, imagine what you could do with a whole extra day. ACTION PLAN: What’s one new thing you can try today when you’re sitting around with a spare 10 minutes on your hands?


Photo: Time On My Hands by justmakeit