This is a question that comes up quite frequently.  And it’s a great question to ask.  Because let’s face it, more eyes on your site will mostly likely result in more people signing up for your mailing list…and more people wanting to work with you.

Assuming you’ve got good, quality content, that is.

Content is what matters….and from good content you show up in search results, you get more traffic to your website, and you get more clients or make more sales. [you can tweet this]

And the cool part about creating good, quality content is that you don’t have to stress about the keywords.  You see, when you help people solve problems or to feel less alone as you share your own experiences, the keywords come about naturally.

Which also means that since you’ll be writing (or speaking) in a way that comes naturally to you, you’ll sound a lot more like you…this is good for building up that know, like and trust factor.

Plus, it means you won’t need to stress so much about what sort of content you’re going to create.  When you’re not stressing about what to write (nothing worse than the dreaded “I have nothing to say.”), you’ll find that you actually enjoy the process of content creating.

As a little sidenote: I find that I typically write about things that I’m personally experiencing or things that I’ve recently had discussions with my clients and colleagues about.  When you go with the flow like this (and trust me, not everyone can create without an editorial calendar) you know it’s going to be good content because others are also wanting to know more about it.

I came across this infographic from Brafton:Fuel Your Brand and thought it did a great job explaining how good content helps you to show up strongly in the search engines and increase traffic to your website.

Brafton's Infographic: Why Content for SEO?