Part of knowing what you do, is knowing why you do it.

 So I ask you, what’s your why?

what's your whyWhen  you first started your business, what were you thinking?

I know for some of us (myself included), we kind of accidentally started our businesses.  We were maybe in the right place at the right time (how I got started with ConstantChatter).  Or maybe we knew how to do something and started sharing our expertise and eventually decided to start charging for it (how I got started with Success for Solopreneurs).

It doesn’t really matter so much HOW you got started.  At something point you need to stop whatever you’re doing and figure out WHY you do what you do.

As time when on, you’ve probably noticed that things in  your business have shifted.  Many solopreneurs – especially coaches – tend to think that once they’ve decided that they have a business and they’re going to do or sell XYZ that they will always be selling or doing XYZ. Rarely, is that the case. And while nothing ever stays the same, this often comes to some as a bit of a shock.

But the good news is…when you know WHY you do what you do, you can easily adapt to any changes that might come your way. [click here to Tweet this]

So let’s start thinking…why are you in the business you’re in?  Why do you work with the clients you work with?

Did you start this work because you needed to make some quick cash?  Maybe you saw it as a way to get out of debt.  Or start saving for your children’s college tuition.

Maybe you started because you got laid off or fired (a very common theme these days), or you tired of working for The Man.

Some people I know started their businesses because they had either a desire to learn more or maybe they already had the expertise and they wanted to get the message out there.

Maybe it’s something you were called to do.  You always felt like you were here to help people, so you started doing what you do.  It’s your passion.  Your purpose.

Everyone has their own reason. In fact, everyone might have multiple reasons (freedom is one reason I hear over and over with my clients).  There’s no wrong or right answer….no good or bad answer.

You might be in business because you loooooove money.  Nothing wrong with that.  Money is a good thing.  In fact, when we have money, we can do much more for others (and ourselves) than when we don’t have it.  So wanting more money is never something to be ashamed of.  So really, don’t even bother going there.

I’ve no doubt that you’ll find that once you know why you do what you do, and you get clear on what it is you do, that it will be much easier to roll with the changes that come your way.  Be it changes in your clientele, changes in what services or products you provide, changes in how you provide those services or products, or even changes in technology, marketing or resources.

As long as you know the BIG WHY, you’ll be heads and shoulders above those that have no idea why they’re in business.  Plus, it lets more of your authenticity SHINE through. [click here to Tweet this]

My coaches challenge for you…spend some time this week and think about your WHY. Do some brainstorming. Talk about it with your friends, your colleagues, your accountability or Mastermind group. Post it up on your Facebook page or your blog. Invite others to join you in this conversation.