Why haven’t you decided to work with a coach yet?  What’s been holding you back?

One of the biggest reasons that I  hear people say is that can’t work with a coach – yet – is because it’s too expensive.*

And as one might expect, they’re usually making a grande assumption.  And most of the time, they haven’t even spoken with a coach to see how they might work together.

think it's expensiveOr they do decide to sit down and take advantage of a coach’s free Discover Session (or discounted coaching session) and hold the intention that they’re just going along for the free stuff and they’re not going to buy anything.

I can relate.

I’ve done the same thing when I’ve walked into a store…”May I help you?” “No thanks, I’m just looking.”  Or when I indulge in that free weekend away when all I have to do is sit through a time share or vacation club presentation (no more of those, no “free vacation” is worth that energy or time commitment).

But when you come down to it, you’re really doing yourself and your business, a diservice.

That saleslady might be able to turn you on to the perfect dress for your next speaking engagement…for a great deal.  That vacation club presentation might have turned out to be just the sort of scheduled getaway you and your husband really need to ensure that you take a vacation each year.

And not working with that coach because you think it’s too expensive, well that could mean a lot more than you realize.  If you worked with a coach:

  • You might finally get that support you need to get you to stop spinning your wheels and get out there and get more clients…and bring in more money.
  • You could have the accountability you need to help you to follow through on projects…and bring in more money.
  • You could finally get the systems in place so that you can hire someone to do the grunt work (or the work you really don’t like doing) so you can focus on good stuff…making more money through creating more products, doing more speaking or selling more services or working with more clients.
  • Working with a coach could get you to fine tune your niche to the point that you know, without a doubt, exactly who you work with, what you do, what problems you help them solve and how you solve those problems…so you can attract the right clients, ready to do the work and invest in themselves.  Yep…so you make more money.
  • That book idea that’s been rolling around in your head, yeah, she (or he) could help you get it outlined, written and for sale…allowing you to – you guessed it – make more money.
  • And just image the tips, the tools, the resources and the know-how that comes from working with someone that knows what they do, knows how to support you, hold you accountable, and guide you in a way that’s comfortable, easy, effortless and fun.  All so that YOU can be the best version of YOU…and so that you can make more money.

If you’re doing it all alone, and you’re not getting that outside professional help with support, accountability and know how…then you’re working with an amateur and that’s costing you money.

Doing a little quick math here…

…if working with a coach gets you only 1-2 more client a month at $250…that’s an extra $3000-$6000 in your pocket that you didn’t have before!

…working with a coach, you finally get your online product out and you sell 100 copies for  $97…that’s $9700 more!

…working with a coach you got those automated systems in place and you’re now able to add more speaking, more coaching and more product development because you were finally able to hire someone…that’s thousands more each month!

Is coaching expensive?  It can be.  But it really depends on what you’re looking for and who you’re looking to as your coach.

There’s an expression that it “takes money to make money” and I do, whole-heartedly believe this.

I don’t believe that anyone should go into debt.  But I do believe if you need help, and help is out there and it might merely mean cutting out a few extras this month so you can make more next month and free up some extra time (and maybe get that help you know you need)…well, I think that’s worth it.

I know people that pay upwards of $10,000 – $50,000 (and more!) a year to work with a coach.  Crazy expensive, right?  But thanks to working with their coach, they’re also making great money, writing books, speaking from the stage, getting their own television and radio shows, and more often than not, are working less in the process thanks to the systems, tools and resources their coach turned them on to.

I encourage you to do yourself a favor and if you’re following a coach (could be me, could easily be someone else)…you read their blog, subscribe to their newsletters, follow their social media and pick up any freebie that they offer…make a decision to work with them.

You wouldn’t be sticking around as long as you have if you didn’t like them and didn’t think that they had something that could help you.  And if you’ve benefitted from their freebies, just imagine what could come from working with them 1:1….the possibilities are endless!!

I would like to invite you to take advantage of one of my free Discovery Sessions.  They’re a great way for you to give coaching – in particular, coaching with me – a try.  And it helps you to get a lot clearer about what you want both in your business and in your life, and what’s holding you back from getting there.  


PS: Space is limited as I only offer a handful of these each month and I’m sending out an email to my list tomorrow.

* I find the second biggest reason is because they think that a coach can’t help them with their “very special” and “totally unique” business.  Not true, but a post for another day.