I want to ask you a simple question (and then I’ll tell you a quick story)…do you love your business?

Or have you maybe, fallen a little out of love with it as it’s starting to seem more like work and less like love?

fall-out-loveI remember when I was first started out as a coach. I had accidentally fallen back into teaching – only this time I was teaching small business owners how to use WordPress for their website, how to use Twitter and Facebook, and later, I even worked with them on the importance of LinkedIn and how to use it.

Before you knew it, I was a “social media expert.”

Ahh, the glory. The fame. The lack of clients.

At that point, my clientele was so used to my small group classes, that paying for my services seemed to be unthinkable. I mean, why pay when I can just shoot her an email…and she’ll answer (and I did).

You know, once, I actually had someone that was considered a leader in our organization, pay someone thousands of dollars to coach them…and then call me to ask for help in setting up their blog. For free.

You see, their “guru” was telling them what they needed, but not how to do it. And I was the person you went to if you needed to know HOW do set these sorts of things up.

I was good at it. It came easily to me. But I didn’t enjoy it.

So it was back to no clients again while I tried to figure out what my business was all about.

Then I decided that since every one and their little brother were calling themselves “social media experts,” I would turn things around a bit and become a “visibility coach”. Meaning, I could help you move “beyond the social media basics” (I even have a program of that very same name – good stuff and still available on my website), claim your expertise and get out there and leverage it.

Oh baby, this was my sweet spot!!

This brought in the press and the “guest expert” opportunities. This brought in the clients. And this brought in the money. This is what I was meant to do.  The stuff dreams were made of.

L O V E | J O Y | F U N

But too soon I realized that I still didn’t have it right.

It seemed I was reinventing the wheel with each and every client. To be honest, I was pretty much taking anyone that would come my way. You can’t have a business if you don’t take the customers, right?

Well, that mentality is never a good thing.

You see, when everyone is your client, then there’s nothing remarkable about you or what you do. There’s nowhere for you to excel. I mean, there’s a huge difference between helping a massage therapist start her business and helping a lawyer create a social community for young, urban professionals, right?

They may both want the same thing in the end…to make money. But they have different needs. They come to the table with completely different experiences, comfort levels and expectations.

So this meant I was working twice as hard trying to personalize things for each client. My easy, part-time job was starting to encroach upon my personal life. I was working long, hard days. I was putting my all into my marketing and my clients.

But to be honest,  I wasn’t having any fun.

I felt like I was pulling teeth to get some of my clients to step up and do the work. And when they wouldn’t, I felt like I was letting them down. So I worked harder. I felt like I was letting myself down. So I worked harder.

My business became my life. My life became my business. I was tied to my computer – client emails, the website and blog, social media – or my phone day in and day out.

This wasn’t what I signed up for. This wasn’t the kind of business or the life, I wanted.

Does any of this sound a familiar to you? I know I hear it quite a bit from my clients these days.  Don’t worry, there’s help in sight…

You see,  I got clear.

I stepped back, focused on what I wanted not just in my business, but in my life. I went backwards and set up some systems and reinforced my business foundation (the foundation was there, but it was crumbling and weak). I prioritized what mattered.

I learned to transform the business that I love – even if I might have fallen out of love with it a smidge – and in that transformation, I was able to create the life and the business that I’ve always desired.

It’s made a huge difference not just in my business, but in my life and my relationships.

And I can show you how it’s done…

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