Many solopreneurs that I work with seem to be willing to fight tooth and nail for the honor (ha!) of saying that they’re not creative.  The thing is, if they’re any good at what they do with their business, then they’re incredibly creative…they merely haven’t learned how to see it that way just yet.

Practice one or two of these 29 tasks a couple to a few times a week and
your creative juices won’t be able to stop flowing.  I know I fall back on numbers 1-5 on a pretty regular basis and almost always recommend them to clients and friends whenever they seem stuck…in their life or in their business.

29 ways to stay creativeOf course, I personally believe that there’s nothing that a good nap, walk around the block or a little gratitude can’t fix.  So go…have FUN with it!!  And be sure to let me know how it works out (there’s always #11-13 if you really get stuck…drop me a note and we can talk).