I am all about finding great resources and building your success toolbox. And more often than not, I’m also all about sharing those resources with you guys.

Usually I share my favorite resources over on the Success for Solopreneurs Facebook page (link), but as a birthday gift from me to you, I thought I’d compile a bunch of handy resources here and share them with you.

I’ve been sharing this list over the past couple years.  Each year, I add a little, remove the outdated stuff, etc.  This year, I didn’t have the time to go through and double-check all the links (I wound up getting quite sick), so don’t be surprised if a dead link or two might be there.  My apologies.

Many of these awesome resources don’t require any sort of opt-in. Others will require an opt-in. Also, the resources that are mine and do require an opt-in, you won’t have to worry about getting double emails from me (assuming you use the same email address that you originally signed up with).

I hope you enjoy!! And please, feel free to spread the word and share the wealth with your own friends, fans and followers.

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Success for Solopreneurs Resources

100+ Ideas to Get You Writing & Creating Content TODAY

How To Identify, Claim and Leverage Your Online Presence Success Packet

Blog & Content Creating Planner

Authenticity Rocks Teleclass Authenticity Rocks

4 Simple Steps to Easily and Confidently Tell People What You Do

Take Control of Your Life Success Packet

Daily Accountability Tracker

My Personal Favorites: Online Business Tools & Resources

Business Tools & Articles

150+ Best Business Inspirational Quotes

55 Ways to Use LinkedIn to Grow Your Business

Kathleen Gage’s 3-part Video Series on List Building

Tara Gentile’s The Art of Earning (this time last year it was pay what you can)

CopyBlogger’s Email Marketing 101

CopyBlogger’s Content Marketing 101

CopyBlogger’s Copywriting 101

CopyBlogger’s SEO Copywriting Made Easy

CopyBlogger’s How To Write Magnetic Headlines

Tony Robbins’ 3 Free Gifts from Oprah’s LifeClass

Ali Brown’s “Ezine Publishing Profits: 3 Simple Strategies for a List-Building, Money-Making Ezine”

My mentor, Kendal SummerHawk’s video series, “How To Stop Unconsciously Sabotaging Your Income And Start Increasing Your Self-Worth And Your Net Worth”

Kendall SummerHawk’s “15 Tips, Scripts and Must Do’s To Help You Charge What You’re Worth and Get It”

Pamela Bruner’s EFT videos – brief videos that can help you to clear the blocks to success and abundance that can keep you from making the money (and having the impact) that you want in your life and in your business.


Jay Abraham’s The Sticking Point

Jay Abraham’s Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got

My mentor, Chrsitine Kane’s “Create Your Life Kickstart” which includes “The Complete Guide to Vision Boarding” and may or may not still include free copy of her song, “Virginia.”

What resources and tools do you have in your success toolkit? I encourage you to share with your friends, fans and followers (and with me, if you don’t mind) so more people can benefit.

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