“They say that nobody is perfect. Then they tell you practice makes perfect. I wish they’d make up their minds.”
                                                                    ~ Winston Churchill

I’m going to come clean…I’m not perfect.

No, really. I make mistakes ALL the time.  In business, in life, in fashion choices and definitely when I cook.

But that’s okay.

One of my favorite lines I once heard from one of my coaches – and has now become my mantra – is that it’s far better to have imperfect action than to have perfect inaction.

You see, no one says you have to be perfect.  In fact, I don’t really believe that there is such a thing as perfection.  This is just a belief that we took on as a child and have held tight to.

We tell ourselves that we can’t move forward with something because it’s not perfect. But the thing is, that quest for perfection slows us down.  Hell, for many folks (myself included when I let it), it keeps us still.

It’s one handy dandy excuse to have in your back pocket.

Haven’t finished that Great American Novel yet?  Well, it’s not“perfect” yet.  Haven’t gotten started with your newsletter?  I’m still working on the design, it has to be “perfect” or people won’t read it.  What about that website?  Yeah, my logo isn’t“perfect” and I can’t do anything if I don’t have a logo.

Well I’m calling BULLSHIT!

Yes, I just said BULLSHIT!  That’s just an excuse.

Can you get clients without a logo or a website?  Hell yeah you can. You just need to talk to your potential clients and they’ll get to know you, like you and trust you and want to do business with you…not your logo.

Can you send that Great American Novel out to publishers as is?  Sure.  Let’s face it, even after they decide to buy the rights, they’re still going to edit and ask for rewrites.  Which means…even if they love it, it’s still not “perfect” and will need to be tweaked.

Can you publish a weekly ezine or newsletter (or blog, or whatever) that has typos or crazy formatting errors?  You betcha!  And um…I do it each week.  No matter how many times I seem to reread something, I manage to hit that send button with errors.

Does that stop me?  No.  In fact, I’ve given myself less than 40 minutes to write this week’s article (I have a faculty training to get to and didn’t want to delay sending it out).

Let’s face it, mistakes happen.

We can hold ourselves back, telling ourselves that we can’t do something because it’s not yet “perfect” or we can just do it and move on.

These days, beta-versions and pre-launches are the norm.  This is where we get to test things out and make improvements. We’re in a time when it’s super easy to self-publish (books, articles, images, social updates and tweets, you name it).  And lucky for us, it’s also just as easy to go back and edit if or when we find errors or things we’d like to change.

So make a promise to yourself…

Today I will do it.  I will  _________ and get_________ done! Perfection be damned!  I will just do it and get it out in front of people.  Today is the day and no more excuses!

ACTION PLAN: What’s one thing that you can do today that you’ve been putting off because it’s not quite perfect?  Take the first step in getting it done embracing any imperfections that might come up.