A couple weeks ago, shortly before Christmas, one of the Facebook groups I belong to (the Women of Facebook) tasked its members with coming up with how they envision the  feminine leaders of 2013 would be.  We were asked to write something on this topic and to share with out community as part of a 2nd anniversary contest.

This has been a topic that my fellow masterminders (or Dream Keepers as we like to refer to ourselves) have been pondering since we first joined up.  So this is definitely something that’s near and dear to my heart.

A Manifesto in the Works

So I took myself out for a working lunch (or was it dinner? no matter), and starting thinking about these very traits.  I ended up creating a list of over 30 different traits that this modern, visionary leader would embody.

Heck, I damn near came up with a “manifesto” (and something I plan to dig a little more into before I share it all).  When I got home, I set up the video camera and shot this little video.

Here are some (not all…that’s still a work in progress, after all) traits that I feel the modern day, visionary, feminine leader would posses.

I encourage you to sit and ponder what traits, strengths and gifts you think a modern woman would embody.  Feel free to share them…the more we get it out there, the more likely our new leaders will hear their call.

Wishing a Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Women of Facebook!!