When I think about planning for the new year, I know that I need to get clear.  Really, really clear.

I know that this year, I need to actually get some concrete, measurable, plans and goals in place. And that means everything from finances, to clients, to programs and yes, even our feelings (as your inner child exclaims, “Feelings? Ewwwwwww.“) and our experiences.

In fact, this week we’ll be focusing on creating the vision for what we want to feel like as we do what we do and experience all that we are in the upcoming year (a great tool I learned from my own mentor, Christine Kane) and what we’d like to – in our hearts of heart – experience for this new year.

How Do I Want to Feel This Year?

Something that always seems to come to mind for me, whenever I think about how I want to feel is confident.   I always want to feel confident and competent in all that I do.  So while this might be the first thing that pops in mind for me, I’d like to dig a little deeper (and I encourage you to do the same).

Especially since I can confidently say…I feel pretty damn confident every day.

So for 2013, I’d like to feel…um…er…um…respected. I want to take the confidence that I know I already have and I want to cash in on it (so to speak).  I want to be well respected – and well paid – for what I do.

When people are looking for speakers or guest experts, I want them to think of me.  When people are looking for a coach and some support and accountability, I want them to think of me.  I want people to respect me and my gifts and I want them to comfortably and authentically be able to tell others that I’m the gal they need to know and to work with.

I do like the way that FEELS 😉

What Do I Want to Experience Most This Year?

When I think about 2013 and all the potential that it holds, one thing, one BIG thing clearly comes to mind…I want to experience the spotlight!

And this ties in so nicely with what I wrote above (and my “word” from last year, expand).  I want to be on stage, in the spotlight.  I want to be so well lit (and so well mic’d) that I can’t be missed.

I know – and have always know, when you come down to it – that I’m here to help others.  And the only way that I’m going to be able to help those that need me, is to get up in front of them in a bigger, bolder, more expansive way.

Now I’m not here to dictate the HOW.  While I see myself on a stage, I also see myself on the radio (there must’ve been a reason I became a DJ way back then, right?).  I am the expert – make that the well respected expert – and through sharing my own story and my own message, and working the magic that I work with my clients, I’m able to help many.

So yeah, I’m ready for that. And I can’t help but look on in wonder as I noticed so many puzzle pieces from all those many years ago, slowly start to fall into place.

Yep…so ready.

Next week, I’ll be sharing another Looking Back | Looking Forward journaling exercise.  I encourage you to set some time aside this week (and each week), to ponder, journal or create in response to these questions so that you can help create the business (or the life) that you envision for 2013.

I encourage you to download a copy of my LOOKING BACK | LOOKING FORWARD: Reflection and Journaling Exercises for Closing Out Your Current Year and Creating the Vision For Your Upcoming Year workbook for more exercises like this (20+ to be precise).  It’s totally free and one helluva resource if I do say so myself…and I do!

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