Did you know that if you really, really wanted to see all of the posts and updates from a person or a page you could?

Since FB changed up their algorithm (and then changed them again, and again, and again), and offered up the opportunity for page administrators to “promote” their posts, it seems to be harder to actually get the stuff you care about in your feed (from both people you know and the pages you like).

I will say, if you take the time each week to engage with the people and pages you care about – like, comment and share – you will see more from them. But you probably still won’t see everything, all the time.

There are two very simple ways that you can be assured that you’ll get every post, every time. But let’s start at the beginning…

Before we can even get started, you need to make sure that you “like” the page you want to follow (or “friend” or “subscribe” to the person you want to connect with).

Hover over that “like,” “friend” or “subscribe” button and a box will appear. It’s basically the same box across the board, so don’t worry if it doesn’t look exactly the same as my box on the left.

The first thing you need to check is that the “show in newsfeed” option is clicked. For most of you, this should already be checked off since it seems to be the default option for anything you like or anyone you friend (which right there tells you that it doesn’t always show up in your feed or you wouldn’t be doing this).

The second thing I recommend you do is add it to a “list.” This will give you access to whatever is on that list whenever you want.

Again, hovering over the “like, “subscribe” or “share” button, the box appears and you can check “add to interests lists…” option. From there a new option will pop up to list all your “lists” (simply click the one to add it to), or you’ll see the “+ new list.”

As you can see with my “lists” I have three that I’ve created (gluten free, travel and “pages that I like”). Basically any page I like falls I add to one of those lists. And every once in a while, while I might be sitting on the couch watching TV, I might pull up any one of those lists and quickly plow through them liking, commenting and sharing – to engage, so they’ll be more likely to show up in my feed regularly). Otherwise, when I want to catch up, I can just check out the specific pages that I’m interested in.

And the final option…this is for those pages or people that you absolutely want to hear everything from. Consider yourself warned: you will be alerted of every move they make via alerts on your smart phone and via that little globe “notifications” at the top of your page. I personally only use this option for two specific pages…my husband’s (why FB doesn’t show me his updates bugs me to no end) and my own Success for Solopreneurs’ page. And I use it for my Mastermind FB group.

Again, hover over the “friend,” “subscriber” or “like” button and to get to the box. Once there, click the “get notifications” option.

It’s that simple. You will now receive individual notifications any time something happens on those specific pages (or in those groups) or whenever those particular friends do something. If it gets too out of control, you can specify which “notifications” you’d like to receive (and you can specify the alerts specific to your phone in your phone’s settings)…but that’s for yet another article or video.

Yes, this takes a while to set up. But once it’s set up, you’re good to go.

And yes, Facebook can decide on a whim to change things up. Again. In fact, I would expect that they would. But until then, this gives you back a little control.