Moving on with designing and creating our perfect (warts and all) 2013, we’re going to focus on ourselves this week.

We’re going to address the very things that we can specifically give and gift ourselves so that we can embrace all of our potential.  So we can expand our minds, our hearts, our relationships, our lives, and our businesses.


What Would I Like to Learn This Year?

If I were to ask my husband what I would like to learn this year, he’d reply that I would LOVE to learn how to code.  And I would completely and totally disagree with him. That’s what he wants for me – LOL. But I will admit, that he has a point.  And yes, I probably will take a couple classes through Codecademy (it’s free).

When I think of what I want to learn how to do this year, it’s get my whole speaker presence up and ready.  I need a bio, photos, outlines, testimonials, video, profiles on the different speaker outlets and services, etc. It’s really a full-on thing that needs to be learned, created, mastered and shared.

But it’s something that I want to do.  Something that I know I need to do.  And maybe, I’ll be able to combine what I want to do (get that speaker presence up) and what my husband wants me to do (learn code) and I can personally code my website.

It could happen.

What Gift Do I Give Myself This Year?

This question I love.  I think that so often as women and as solopreneurs, we put up with doing too many things ourselves.  For too long.

This year I aim to give myself two great gifts…a cleaning lady (finally) and a virtual assistant.  I’m not saying that I’ll be doing both (or either) of these on January 1st.  But they will get done.  And it will be sooner rather than later.

I’ve put off doing both for two long.  But I know if I want to grow, I need to give myself the space to do so.  And I won’t have that space to grow into if I’m too busy doing things like vacuuming or updating my website copy.  These are simple things that I can relinquish and hand off to others so that I’m free to do more of the good stuff.  You know, the stuff that brings in the money.  The stuff that helps my clients.

So yeah, this year (I’ll even commit and say by the end of Q1) I’ll have started working with both a cleaning woman and a virtual assistant.  And feel free to hold me to that.

What about you?

Next week, I’ll be sharing another Looking Back | Looking Forward journaling exercise.  I encourage you to set some time aside this week (and each week), to ponder, journal or create in response to these questions so that you can help create the business (or the life) that you envision for 2013.

I encourage you to download a copy of my LOOKING BACK | LOOKING FORWARD: Reflection and Journaling Exercises for Closing Out Your Current Year and Creating the Vision For Your Upcoming Year workbook for more exercises like this (20+ to be precise).  It’s totally free and one helluva resource if I do say so myself…and I do!

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