Let’s get something clear right upfront…this is not true.

Well, not completely true, anyway.

More than likely you’ve noticed the following message showing up in your Facebook feed from different friends and business…

If you like receiving FB updates from your favorite businesses & creative entrepreneurs, there’s a new FB change you need to know about! Facebook now requires page admins to pay to promote their updates if we want our content to be seen by our fans. If we do not pay to promote our posts, only about 10% of page “Likers” receive the updates on the Facebook home page feed. Bummer.

To *keep* receiving all posts from me Glad Doggett – Editor. Writer. Content Coach, you have to hover the mouse on the “Like” button to the right of my page name. In the drop-down menu select “ADD TO INTEREST LISTS”. Then create an Interest List (and make a name for your favorite sites). When you select that interest list, you will see ALL of our posts and you won’t miss anything important!

Do this for all of the pages that you care about and have been missing lately.

Thanks for your help, and please share this with your friends!

Well, it’s not all true.

Do they offer a service where you, the page administrator, can pay to get your posts in front of more eyes (including the very people that “liked” your Page in the first place)?  Yes.

Does everyone who “liked” your Page see your Page? Nope (and this was never the case).

Have they changed their algorithm so that everyone’s “reach” has dropped astronomically?  Hell yes.

Have they done this so that they can make more money? Most likely.

But it’s not a requirement.  No one pays to have a business or fan page on Facebook.  No one is required to pay to post from their Page.

And creating an Interests List on Facebook won’t save you and it won’t so you all the pages you like.  Even if you put them in this new list (I first wrote about this and created a how-to video back in February 2011 and then wrote about it again, about a year or so ago).

You see, Facebook shows things in your feed based on an algorithm.  It’s a secret and we don’t know how it all works exactly (the search engines do the same sort of thing).

But what we do know is this…it’s all about the Edgeranking.

  • The more you interact with your favorite pages – like, comment, share and post – the more likely they will show up in your newsfeed;
  • The more other people do the same for the same Page, the more important (for lack of a better word) Facebook sees the Page and the more likely it will show up in everyone’s feed;
  • The more fans (likers) a page has, the more likely it will show up in your newsfeed;
  • The more the Page posts, the stronger the ranking and the more likely it will show up in the newsfeed;
  • The more varied the posts and updates (videos, photos, links, etc), the higher the ranking and the more likely it shows up.

But the only way for YOU to really control what you see in your feed is to be proactive…engage, engage, engage. Leave comments and likes.  Post to the Page.  Share things they’ve posted to your own friends and Page.  This tells Facebook that you like this Page and you want to hear from this Page.

Which means…just putting the Page into a list isn’t going to keep it in your feed.  Or even in the feed for when you check that list.  Without engagement, Facebook says you’re just not that interested. Sound familiar?

And just a head’s up…they also use their algorithm on your friends and your family.  So if you don’t engage with your “friends” (or family, or frenemies, or whatever those people are to you).

So the moral of the story: If you want to hear from the pages you like and the people you care about, you MUST interact with them.  Give them a comment, a like or a share.  Enjoy.