At the gentle pressuring nudging of my friendly mastermind group, I thought it was about time to come a little clean…

Hi, my name is Katy and I’m an intuitive.

There, I said it.

I admit it to you all. In a very public way.

Although to be completely honest, it’s not like I was ever hiding it.

In fact, I’ve never had any challenges sharing whatever messages I happen to receive…no matter who they might be from or for. I even delivered a message to my boss once almost entirely in Spanish (um…did I mention how I don’t speak Spanish!?).

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had this gift. I knew things that other people didn’t. I could feel things – especially physical discomfort and pain – from those around me (it’s part of being an “empath”). Thankfully, I’m also quite good at being able to turn it on and off…most of the time.

As a child, my family just chalked it up to our Hungarian Gypsy roots. It wasn’t questioned and it was fully accepted. It’s just who I was.

So it came as no surprise when I picked up a deck of playing cards and started “telling fortunes” when I was about 10. Or that I was able to tell my grandmother that her favorite (and only) niece was about to call to share the news that she was getting married (I remember this day vividly – especially the look on her face when the phone rang and it was Patti).

Or that I knew the moment my brother was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit…and knowing that the charges would be dropped and all would be well by the end of the day.

And it’s why no one who knows me was really surprised to learn that when I first met my husband online, he immediately said that I should marry him (while he was dating another – she and her now husband are both still close friends and I was maid of honor at their wedding. So no hard feelings there).

I just go with the flow.

Heck, when you come down to it, my gift of intuition is the whole reason I went to grad school to get a Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. I wanted to be able to “officially” share my intuition with those that were coming to me in a more traditional setting (meaning: a way that folks would accept the information and not laugh it off scoff because it’s coming from a psychic).

But I never really shared this side of me with my business clients. Which is kind of funny since I’ll pretty much share it anyone that needs (or wants) to know.

giving a reading for friends in New Mexico

So when my Masterminding friends learned that I’m not only an intuitive, but that I’m one of the first to have trained under renowned Angel Therapist, Doreen Virtue…well, they said I HAVE to share this information.

It was pointed out that I needed to share this side of myself if I really wanted to talk and teach about being “authentic” in your business (not that I ever felt that I was being in-authentic, mind you).

So here I am, coming clean with you.

Which I think is kind of funny, because any of you that have worked one-on-one with me, must have realized that I’m quite intuitive and that’s how we can get to the root of your blocks, identify your area of expertise and refine your niche so effortlessly and succinctly. Even if I never use the phrase “what I’m getting is…” (for some reason, that phrase always makes me cringe a bit). I like to think of it as my tool for calling you on your shit.

So as a sign of coming clean and coming out (cue the late, great Donna Summer!), I’d love to offer you a 45-minute intuitive business session.

I can’t tell you what this will look like as I’ve never done one before. But I can tell you that it’s $85 for the session and we’ll record it so you can be in the moment (and not frantically scribbling down notes) and re-listen later.

And I’ve no doubt in my mind that you will greatly benefit from our time together and you’ll have a surprising A-Ha or two.

So what do you say? Wanna give it a go?

You can schedule a time here and I’ll be in touch shortly.

This is going to be F U N!!