Did you ever stop and think about the things in your life that you put off  or don’t allow yourself to do day after day?  You know, all those things you save for a “special” occasion.

We have the good china that we don’t use every day because it’s well, the good dishes and we might break one.  There’s the fancy purse, shoes, dress, jewelry, lipstick, purse, you name it…if a woman can wear it, she’s got the “too good to use just for today” version of it.

Why do we do that?  Why do we hold on so tightly and not allow today to be a special occasion?

For our wedding, a friend gave us a bottle of Dom Perignon.  She suggested that we drink it on our first anniversary.

We didn’t.

In fact, we didn’t drink it until one New Year’s Eve (with her) about 5 or 7 years later. And by then it was ruined and no longer drinkable.

I could come up with a plethora of reasons why we didn’t drink it…it’s not a special anniversary; we’re not those kind of people that drink champagne – let alone fancy, expensive, highfalutin champagne; my husband doesn’t drink champagne so it would be a waste to open such an expensive bottle and toss half of it; I can’t just mix it with orange juice…et cetera, et cetera.

So instead of enjoying the experience of a great glass of champagne on any, not-so-special day, I let it sit.  And sit some more.  And it went through so many hot summers that it was ruined (without central AC, things can get hot in this apartment).

What a shame.

And what about all the times we hold ourselves back from playing a bigger game…I’ll do that once I finish school; when I lose this weight I’ll do it; once the kids leave for college; when I have the extra money; when I’m finally married; once we have the kids; when I get a new job; when he or she changes, finishes, leaves, etc.

So many limitations. So many barriers in our way to living.

I say today we decide, here and now, that we will no longer put things off.  We will embrace our inner awesomeness and we will allow today…every day…to be a special occasion.

What do you say…are you in?