“Success means we go to sleep at night knowing that our talents and abilities were used in a way that served others.”
~ Marianne Williamson


Every where you look coaches, gurus and experts are urging you to create your 6- and 7-figure businesses.  But what if you don’t want your business to be that big?

What if success means something different to you?

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t turn away from a 6- or 7-figure income, but to be honest, it’s not something that I desire deep down.  This is something I used to struggle with back when I was involved with my previous business, ConstantChatter (I’m still involved, I’m just not active).

I remember when I would get out and network and tell people what I did, I always felt like they were judging me; like I wasn’t running a “real” business. Then one day, I met a dot.com success story that broke it all down for me

You see, when we started with ConstantChatter, my husband was working full time.  ConstantChatter allowed us to live the lifestyle that we wanted without the responsibilities and obligations of a 9 to 5 job.  And it allowed me to do what I was born to do…help people to help themselves (short version).

It was great. I could work from home. I could work on the road and accompany my husband when he had out of town meetings. It allowed us to keep our computer equipment up to date (you need an up to date computer to run an online community) and we could travel around the region to see whatever concerts we wanted (his side of the business) staying out as late as we wanted.

It also allowed us some much needed (and very legal) deductions.  Basically, it gave us freedom to do the very things we wanted to do and to do them easily and effortlessly.  And we required very little income to be able to meet this needs and requirements.

This dot.com guy commented that it sounded like I had a very successful lifestyle business.  He went on to explain that if we were happy with the lifestyle our business was creating for us, then we had one helluva successful business.

This always stuck with me.  Even now, five years later, I still find myself thinking back to his words.

Of course, once I started up my coaching business, I kind of got caught up in the make more money, you want to be wealthy hubbub.  I realize with more money, I’m able to reach and help more people. But at the same time,  I struggled to reach those goals and to keep up with my fellow coaches (the cyber Jones’) and to aspire to be the 7-figure coach like my mentors. And things stopped being fun.

The more I think about it, the more I realize I don’t need my business to be that large.  Or more to the point, I don’t want that for myself…today.  Maybe in 5 or 10 years.  Or maybe not.  Who knows.

I do know that we don’t need a large home for just the two of us.  I don’t need a high end, luxury car (though, I’ll admit, I have always admired the Audi, ever since I first rode in one back in high school). I don’t need newthings. I really am a simple kind of gal.

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

So I’ve been spending some time recently thinking more and more about what I do want my business to look like and what success means for me.

So what does my success look like to me?

I’ll be sharing that vision a little later.

In fact, I invite you to join me (right here), over the next three weeks as I share activities and exercises that can help you to figure out what you want your business to look like and help you to define what being “successful” means to you.  I’m sure you’ll learn quite a bit about what you truly aspire to be and do with your life.  I do hope you’ll join me.

Action Plan: I encourage you to take a little time and starting examining your business and lifestyle wants and needs.  You don’t need to do anything formal just yet – we’ll get to starting that process next week.  But just start thinking, questioning and envisioning for now. Allow yourself to think bigger or smaller than you may have been thinking up to now.