“Nothing you have done, nothing that was done toy, and nothing anyone else has ever said you or believed about you erases the inalienable truth that you are a delectable creation”
                                                                                 ~ Victoria Moran


A couple weeks back I read a fun book by Victoria Moran called “Living a Charmed Life: Your Guide to Finding Magic in Every Moment of Every Day”.  While it isn’t a business book, I found that it really spoke to the entrepreneur in me.

Right from the onset it resonated with me. I mean how could it not when the very first chapter is “Know That You Are Worthy” and offers up the juicy tidbit that I quoted above, right?

I think often times, as a female solopreneurs, we forget just how worthy and deserving we are.  We forget that we are doing exactly as we are meant to be doing at this particular moment in time.  I mean, come on, as Ms. Moran says…are we not a delectable creation?

But I get it.  

Sometimes, we’re so busy putting the needs of others (our spouses, our kids, our pets, our parents, our vendors and yes, even our clients) above our own.

But of course, putting the needs of others before our own needs means that we run the risk of wearing ourselves down.  This could lead to lack of joy in our business or our life, frustration at not being where we want to be, or even anger towards those we’re caring for.

Or God forbid, the stress of doing too much for others and not enough for ourselves can lead to seeming depression or illness.

We need to feel worthy – and hold tight to that worthiness – to carve some personal time out for ourselves.  And we need to do this both personally and professionally.

As a solopreneur, we are our businesses.  For many of us, we’re in charge of all areas of our business.  We wear many hats.  And let’s face it, as the saying goes…if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!

To help you claim your worthiness I invite you to embrace and practice one (or more) of these five simple ways to get started creating the sacred space in your life that you deserve.

Get Away: Step away from your computer.  Walk away from your kitchen.  Leave your home or office. Even if you can’t spare more than a few minutes, you need to create the time to actually breathe away from your desk, your office or your family and your home.  Go for a walk around the block.  See what all the rage is about with a local Zumba class.  Get your zen on by heading to some local gardens or greenery.  Head out for a cup of green tea on a garden patio.  Just find the time, at least once a week to step away from your every day space and indulge in being you.

Get Focused: What do you want?  Who do you want to be?  What would you like to experience?  Get some focus on what you intend for yourself,  your relationships, your family, your business.  You don’t have to tackle it all at once.  But focus on something you want to do, be or have.  Get clear about it – know what you want and what you don’t want – so you can welcome it into your life.

Get Quiet: I don’t know about you, but my thoughts are always yammering away amongst themselves.  I find that to get clear on things, to create the space to allow something new, I need to get quiet.  That might mean meditating (usually guided) or it might mean listening to calming music.  Or it might mean taking a nap (I blame the cat for being such a bad influence).  For me, it really just means quieting my thoughts and allowing myself to just be and to process what’s going on around me and being aware of what comes forward in the quiet.

Get Creative: Creativity means different things to different people.  For some it might mean writing, blogging or storytelling.  For others, it’s art, music or dance.  But don’t forget that being creative involves anything that you create…that could mean gardening, cooking, baking, knitting, dancing, or even rearranging furniture. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity.  When you allow your right brain time to work it’s magic, it often influences the left (more logical and practical and well, business senseical) in ways you haven’t even begun to imagine.

Get Worthy: I think this might be the most difficult part for many of us.  But for your sake, your business’ sake, your sanity’s sake, know that you are worthy. And that you can take time to focus on yourself, your business or anything else you might want to noodle around with.  If you don’t take care of your needs, who is going to take care of them for you?  Just deciding to make the time (and actually taking the time) for yourself is one way to declare your worthiness.

Know that you deserve it.  You earned it, just by being the dynamic and fabulous woman that you are.

You are worthy.

Why not take a little time and schedule out some time for yourself today.

No really…why not? 

I promise you, the world won’t end.  Your business won’t fall apart.  Your family won’t destroy the house.  Everyone and everything will be just fine.

What do you do when you need time away?  How do you celebrate your worthiness?  I encourage you to share with your friends, fans and followers (and with me, if you don’t mind).