I know, I know, everything changes.

I get that. And well, I’m even okay with Facebook making changes.  But for some reason, this recent batch of changes (by the way, there’s still more to come) really seem to have threw me for a loop.

And not just me personally.  While they might not have many any actual changes to the Facebook Pages, this recent batch of changes and how things show up in the newsfeed have really taken a toll on my Success for Solopreneurs Page.

My interaction and my likes have seem to dwindled.  And according to my Insight, my numbers are way down.  And I typically don’t use third party apps to auto-post (outside of my Monday Mantras).

Which means that my posts just aren’t making into people’s newsfeeds.  Which means that more than likely, neither are your posts and updates.

So what can you do about it?

Officially…not much.  But you can do one thing that Facebook has been urging us to do for a while now and that’s creating friend groups.

After the first couple days I realized I was missing important updates from my friends and I couldn’t quite get the hang of the new newsfeed.  So…I took about an hour or so, and manually added each “friend” and “like” to a new list I created called ALL.

This worked.  For a bit.  But with the new alogorythm and the new newsfeed “top stories”, “recent stories” and “from earlier” I still felt like I wasn’t really hearing from everyone I wanted to hear from.

So the other day, I got busy plugging “friends” (and later “likes”) into their own lists.  I kept the default “close friends” list and started adding the folks I really wanted to hear from to that list.

Then I did the same think with the pages I like.  I created a new list (simply called “pages”) and added in all the magazines, brands, “celebs” and “gurus” (for lack of better words), along with anything business related.

So now I can get a quick overview by scrolling through my regular, default feed. Or when I really want to know what my “friends” have to say, I can pull up that list and get a good (not perfect, but much better) feed.  Same thing with all those pages I love.

Is it easy?  Yes, super easy.

Is it time consuming?  Hell yes, it’s crazy time consuming.  And even more so the more “friends” you have (or care to hear from).

Is it worth it?  Yes.  I really felt like I was missing out hearing from my friends.  So I think it’s very worth it…assuming you spend enough time on FB that you care what you’re friends are up to.

How are you handling this recent batch of changes to Facebook?  Are you ready for the next batch and your Timeline profile?