Anyone who runs a website wants to have high traffic.  We want visitors, we want comments.  And for quite some time now, Google has kept quiet about the algorithm they use to establish their search engine relevance and rankings.

Recently, they sent out their Quality Engineer and overall community liaison, Matt Cutts to share some strategies .  I can’t say there’s really much here that’s new.  I’ve been mentioning most of these strategies to my clients for a couple of years now (you read more about it my Five Keys to Succeed at Blogging eBook which you can get for free on the left hand side over there).

The basic strategies that Matt shares in the video below include:

  1. Create a Controversy
  2. Answer Questions (I love this technique and have been using it a bit more)
  3. Conduct Research & Discuss the Results
  4. Get Involved with Social Media (a total no brainer in my book)
  5. Create Lists (Top 10, 5 Reasons, etc)
  6. Get a Blog and Establish Yourself as an Authority
  7. Write How To’s and Tutorials (I love this technique and have been using quite a bit lately)
  8. Run a Service or Create a Product
  9. Make Videos That are Enjoyable (another way to use tutorials)