socialmediaYesterday I spoke to a lovely group of women small business owners down in Newport Beach.  For many in the group, it’s the first they heard about blogging and what it can do to help their business.  For others it was just another damn thing they have to figure out how to work into their schedule.

More often than not, solopreneurs and small businesses today are being pounded upside and down and from the left and the right about how they need to join this social network and be active on that social network.  But let’s be honest, we don’t all have the time or the energy for that.  And more to the point, not every social network out there is the right fit for everyone. We’re not in a one size fits all world here.

Then again, as a solopreneur or small biz owner, you more than likely don’t have a sales and marketing team set up, so you have to do something.

So the question is…what’s your something?

Seth Godin’s post today asked you to consider just how big your farm is – meaning, will you be spreading all your seeds (in this case marketing time and energy) as thin as you can so that you cover your entire farm or every social media option out there?  I sure hope not as this will leave you with some pretty poor results as there are plenty of different social media options out there.

What are the chances that people are eager to join the tribe of the fiftieth most popular brand in a given market? Or that they will pay attention to someone who shows up now and then but is in a huge hurry to get to the next place?

Or will you concentrate on one or two options and cultivate them so that they grow and actually leave you a harvest of sales or leads? Focusing on the social media and networking options that work best for you and your business will actually save you time and energy in the long run.  And if done properly, will offer up some pretty impressive results.

Yield is what matters, and yield comes from getting through the Dip. You punch through the clutter when you allocate more resources and more dedication than everyone else (in that market). Ignore the other markets and the other channels. They’re dead to you anyway.

What’s your social networking strategy?

If you don’t have a strategy yet or you’re just not sure what step to take next, sign up for my upcoming 6 Weeks to a Successful Social Network Strategy teleworkshop.