Both here at both and my other business,, I’m once again a work in progress.  Big things are going on on many levels.  Unfortunately, that means I can’t be working 100% on two projects simultaneously so I’m alternating my focus from week to week, project to project.   Luckily, I’ve got the support of some great friends that have come to my rescue (helping to handle prep, content, press releases, etc).  I’m learning that it never hurts to ask for help.

Considering that one of my current projects is revamping my current newsletter from a paid service to a free service (along with starting a new newsletter up for the ConstantChatter community) it seems that my Success for Solopreneur newsletter will be hold for a bit.  So I apologize to those of you that might be on the lookout for the next issue or two.

But don’t worry, I’ll keep sharing here all those articles I come across that I feel will be useful to the solopreneur.  And I’ll be sure to share what I learn about setting up a free newsletter that still complies with the necessary spam and unsubscribe rules.  It should be a fun project in and of itself considering it will be my first full-on experience with doing any sort of web design and coding.  Wish me luck!

But best of all, once we get everything all settled and ready to go live I’ll be sure to share the giveaway-palooza we’ll be hosting over at  As it stands right now, we’re looking at two solid months worth of contests for some awesome products.  It might be a lot of work, but it’s sure to be a lot of fun for everyone.  I know there’s a few prizes in there that I’d love to win 😉

So please, bear with me, I’m once again claiming work in progress status.  The great thing about being a work in progress…there’s always something new and exciting around the next corner.  What’s going on around your next corner?