One of the great things about blogging for business is that you have the ability to update  your content whenever you want.  You don’t need to call your web guy.  You write a new post, you’ve got new content.  The search bots crawl your site and see you have new content and blamo! the search engines are updated!  It’s that easy.

Another way to improve your search engine rankings is to use more media in your posts.  Not just any media though, use your own stuff.  Sit down with a video camera and shoot a quick video on your area of expertise and upload it onto You Tube.  Make a quick audio or podcast about something that excites you (again, in your area of expertise) and post that up (check out or

Once you’ve got some content out on other sites in multi-media formats, your search engine rankings will once again benefit.  The more your name, your product or your services are out there, the better your SEO.  For more specifics in how this works, check out the video below.

Thanks Biz Chicks Rule for pointing out this video clip.